Meet the team!

The project team say hello!

A wide range of people are working on our project to make RAMM’s Cypriot and Greek archaeology collections better known.

From the museum we have Jenny and Tom the Curators who look after the collection, Kirstie the Conservator who is repacking and treating objects, Helen and Rick our digital media staff who are photographing objects and made this blog possible!

But this project wouldn’t be possible without our team of project volunteers. This project aims to make these wonderful archaeological objects known to more people, both here in Devon and across the world! People living locally to RAMM and from further afield have got involved.

Linda is helping to photograph the objects. She will post some of these here so you can see what she has found in our museum store rooms.

Heather is updating our collections database with lots of important information about the objects. This is currently stored on paper records, and her work will enable us to help us and you learn more about our Greek and Cypriot collections.

Lotte, Kayleigh and Steph are trainee conservators. They’ve been helping to treat some of the objects which need a bit of TLC.

Steph cleaning a Roman glass vessel

Steph cleaning a Roman glass vessel

Watch this space for the latest news and updates about the Leventis project!


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  1. Some of our TLcy over to you.

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