Photographing pottery from Cyprus

Today we have a guest blog from Linda, one of our volunteers:

Linda, volunteer

Linda, volunteer

I recently started helping with the Leventis Project, which involves photographing and recording RAMM’s collection of pottery from prehistoric and Roman period Cyprus. I am still very much the “learner” having never written a blog before, or used a complicated digital camera (no point and shoot here!), written newspaper articles, or, most importantly, handled wonderful ancient artefacts.

Until now these objects have always been safely housed in glass cases in museums, to actually see ancient pots emerging from their acid-free paper packaging is really exciting for me. I say “see” because that is all I am allowed to do at the moment – soon I will attend my “object handling training” and then I shall be able to position the artefacts before the camera, and take the photos. We photographed this pottery cup the other day.

Bronze Age pottery tankard

Bronze Age pottery tankard

Helen, RAMM’s Collections and Audiences Assistant, is very patient in her explanations of the photography process and has to do all the object handling until then. Needless to say I am looking forward to being a “DIY” volunteer. More news from me after the training.


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