Greek pottery and horses

An update from Linda, project volunteer:

I am very much enjoying seeing the variety of beautiful artefacts in the museum’s collection. It is difficult to understand the variety of colours of the terracotta objects – they are often discoloured and degraded but remain beautiful. The decay gives a different kind of beauty to the objects, which never-the-less often retain some of their original colours.

Greek red figure pottery vessel

Greek red figure pottery vessel

In my latest photography session this beautiful Greek little black pot emerged from the paper wrappings. It is about six inches high and very fat. It’s in good condition and the painting of a centaur fighting a human type figure, (possibly a lapith?) is still crisp. To me it looks “cute”, as the centaur, which I had always thought to be fearsome creatures, looks more like half-man half-Dartmoor pony, i.e. with short fat legs. It amuses me to imagine what the owners felt when using this little pot.


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  1. It’s amazing what’s in our museum store rooms – with literally hundreds of items in the collection there are many objects I’ve never seen before. This is one of them! I’m no expert in Greek pottery -can anyone tell us who the figures are and what they’re doing?

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