Exploring the Stores

As RAMM’s Collections and Audiences Assistant I am responsible for a lot of the museum’s object photography, and this has been my primary involvement in the Leventis project.

The process has been very exciting so far! I feel very privileged to be able to explore RAMM’s stores and shed some light on a fascinating collection. Lots of these objects haven’t been on display before, so it’s great to be utilising digital technology to make these artefacts accessible to people across Exeter, Devon and the world.

Part of the challenge of the photography process is to make an ostensibly plain object ‘shine’ – after all, after being out of the public eye for a little while, why shouldn’t these objects have their moment in the spotlight? It’s also very rewarding to work with our volunteer, Linda, and share some of my knowledge and skills which will hopefully be useful to her in the future.

Linda and Jenny with photography equipment

Linda and Jenny with photography equipment

Stay tuned for more posts on the photography process itself and a few of my favourite objects that I discover along the way!


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