Conservation of a pottery bowl from Cyprus

This Cypriot pottery bowl was the first object I treated with the funding from the A.G Leventis Foundation.

Ceramic bowl; Conservation Lab Card

Conservation lab card for pottery bowl

Object Name: Ceramic Bowl

Dimensions:  Width: 87mm Length: 105 mm Depth: 39mm

Age: Bronze Age, 2000BC

Description:  Round bottom shallow bowl, with an upstanding single loop handle from the rim. The ceramic bowl came into the lab in 11 pieces, 95% complete. There is a thin layer of surface deposits (archaeological deposits or salt encrustations). The bowl has clean break edges.

Treatment: The surface of the bowl was cleaned with a soft brush, and a dental vacuum on low suction. The surface was then cleaned with cotton wool swabs and Acetone, to remove any grease deposits from people handling the object without wearing gloves.

The bowl was adhered together with HMG Paraloid B72 adhesive, which is a readily available pre-mixed adhesive which was suitable for this object.

Conserved ceramic bowl

Conserved ceramic bowl


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