Striking gold with stone!

From Linda:

Today we (metaphorically) struck gold discovering several very interesting objects!

A mystery…

First of all, a mysterious artefact – I had no idea what it was! My first reaction was ‘how dull’, but the more I looked at it the more fascinated I became. It is the shape of a can, approximately 7 cm tall, round but with a larger base than top, made of clay and grey in colour. On the surface are marks as if it had been rolled in a cloth before completely dry and so had taken an imprint of the warp and weft. As stated, a mysterious little piece…


It intrigued me so much I asked Jenny, the project Curator, about it. She told me it’s actually made from stone and was found in Cyprus. It’s a pestle used with a mortar for grinding food such as spices – what I thought were imprints are actually scratches on the stone from where it was used. I find it so amazing that even people living thousands of years ago liked their food to taste good!

Stone mortar

Stone mortar

I’ll tell you about the other exciting objects in my next blog.


One comment

  1. I was inputting the data about both of these
    objects this afternoon !!!
    The records and description were brief to say
    the least so it’s really good to match up with
    the photos.

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