Conservation of a glass bottle

Object name: Unguent (perfume) bottle

Dimensions: Three separate pieces – 1) 52 mm x 17 mm, 2) 17 mm x 18 mm, and 3) 67 mm x 30 mm

Age: Roman period, found in Cyprus

Description: This glass perfume bottle has a long neck and was separated into three pieces, with part of the base missing. The glass appears opaque and iridescent due to a corrosion layer formed from leaching components of the original glass material.

Treatment: The separated parts were reconstructed with tape sutures and adhered with a solution of Paraloid B72 dissolved in acetone. As the glass could not be placed on its base without falling over, a small HXTAL NYL-1 fill was cast flat, allowed to cure for several days, and then shaped to fit the base of the bottle. The bottle was then housed in Plastazote® and crystal box.

Treatment completed by UCL conservation student Stephanie Black.

Lab card of Glass bottle before conservation

Lab card of Glass bottle before conservation

After Conservation showing supporting fill



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