Collections on the move!

Behind the scenes update

You may have noticed that we’ve been very quiet recently. For the last eight weeks we have been very busy moving some of the Archaeology collections from their current storeroom into a new purpose-built store on the other side of the city. Before the objects were moved a team of staff spent weeks cleaning all the boxes which contain the objects. With nearly a quarter of a million objects to move, this has been no small task!

The old museum storeroom

The old museum storeroom

The Greek and Cypriot archaeology collections have now arrived safely in their new home. Tom, Curator of Antiquities, has been able to organise the stores into a more logical order – for example keeping all the Cypriot pottery together in one area, with the Greek objects all together on the next set of shelves.

Moving the archaeology collection

Moving the archaeology collection

It’s really important that we know exactly where each object is now located. As each box was moved to its new location, Helen and I have been writing lists of boxes to record which bay and shelf number they are now on. Now we have to update this information into our collections database – we’ve done 40,000 records so far! 

 What has Linda been doing?

In the New Year Linda will again start to photograph the Greek and Cypriot objects in the stores, and will be able to share these discoveries with you. In the meantime she’s been researching the objects she has already photographed, and writing descriptions for these. Soon these will be published on our online collections database – watch this space for updates!


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