Conservation of a toy horse figure

Object Name: Figure of a horse, ancient Cypriot

Dimensions:  Body: Height: 38mm Length: 55mm Width: 24mm

                                Head: Height: 36mm Length: 33mm

Description:  Ceramic model of a horse,  possibly a toy.  Pale soft surface, previously repaired and misaligned, head has become detached, staining on one of the ears. One of the saddle ‘foot holders’ had been previously re-adhered, and there are small amounts of surface deposits in crevices.

Treatment: The surface of the figure was cleaned with a soft brush, and a dental vacuum on low suction. The surface was consolidated with a 10% solution of Paraloid B72, the old adhesive removed using warm water cotton wool swabs. The head was re-adhered using Paraloid B72. Fills were added for support around the neck using micro-balloons in a 20% solution of Paraloid B72. The fill was retouched using acrylic pigments.

The museum accession number was applied to the base using the museum standard.

Conserved figure of a horseConservation Lab card, figure of a horse.


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