Conservation of a Roman glass beaker

Object Name: Glasss beaker

Provenance: Roman period, found in Cyprus

Dimensions: Height: 95mm Width: 78mm

 Description: Glass beaker broken into 8 pieces, with 99% surface weathering (pale beige). Inside the base piece there are loose dark grey dust deposits and a small amount of salt deposits. The surface has localised areas of irridescence.

 Treatment: The surface of the vessel was cleaned with a soft brush, and a dental vacuum on low suction. The break edges were cleaned with solvent cotton wool swabs, to remove any grease deposits. The glass was adhered using 40% Paraloid B72 in acetone w/w (ethyl methacrylate co-polymer). Any excess adhesive was removed with acetone cotton wool swabs.

Conservation Lab Card of Glass Beaker

Conservation Lab Card of Glass Beaker

Conserved Glass Beaker



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