RAMM visits the British Museum

Last week I spent a week working behind the scenes at the British Museum. Each year they host five individual museum staff as part of their Knowledge Exchange scheme, and this year I was lucky to be chosen as one of the participants. I chose to spend my time in the Department of Greece and Rome, working with Thomas Kiely, Curator of the Cyprus Collection.

The British Museum

The British Museum

During my time there I researched many of the objects in our museum’s Greek and Cypriot collection, linking with the work of our Leventis Project. The BM has fantastic resources – reference books galore as well as their vast collections of objects. I’ll be showing you some of these highlights in my next few blogs!

Research room in the British Museum

Research room in the British Museum

I was also very impressed and just a little bit envious of the British Museum’s online research catalogue of Cyprus collections! It’s well worth a look if you haven’t seen it. At RAMM we will soon be launching our own online collections database, and seeing how their database works has really inspired me. Watch this space for details!



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