Conservation of a black slip ware cup

Object Name:  Black slip ware cup

Dimensions: After reconstruction: Height: 71mm Width: 113mm

Provenance: Bronze Age, Greek

Description: Small cup with two handles (one missing), with a red/brown slip. On the bottom of the vessel is written ‘Idalium Cyprus’ and a label ‘547’. The cup is broken into four pieces with one handle missing. There are small areas of loss to the slip – although the slip does appear stable, there are soil deposits around the base of the vessel.

Treatment: Vessel sherds were surface cleaned with Smoke sponge (vulcanised rubber). Archaeological soil deposits were not removed in case these are required for sampling at a later date.  The broken pieces were adhered using 40% Paraloid B72 (ethyl methacrylate co-polymer) adhesive, and excess adhesive removed with Acetone cotton wool swabs.

Conserved Cup

 Conservation Lab Card of a Cup


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