We’re back!

Hello from me and the rest of the team! Due to unforeseen circumstances it’s been almost a year since you last heard from us.  But I’m very glad to say we’re back and the project is up and running for its second year of important work.

Sadly over the last year we had to say goodbye to Kirstie, our project conservator, who now works for the University of Cambridge Museums.  But we’ve welcomed Sarah Klopf to our team as the new project conservator, and she’ll be updating you on her work – watch this space.

During the last year more objects have been conserved, one of my favourite items being this head from a Greek ceramic statuette.  Although it is rather battered from being buried in the ground you can still make out some of the details of her hair and headdress.  She represents a goddess and was made as a ‘votive’ item to be left at a temple or shrine.  But I like to wonder if the face was based on a real person…

Ceramic head

Ceramic head

If you’re interested in the conservation process and how we care for museum objects then have a look at this newly-published article.  It’s written by Megan, who worked on the project during her placement with RAMM.  She looks at how museum curators and conservators make decisions about treating objects, and how these can be communicated to the public.  It’s free to download and you can find it here.


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