A New Year’s jigsaw puzzle

Happy New Year from the RAMM Leventis Project team!

We’re expecting 2014 to be another busy year with yet more Greek and Cypriot archaeological objects being conserved and photographed, and a research visit from a very special guest… But more on that in the next few months!

A 3D  jigsaw puzzle

In the meantime I wanted to share with you an object that has recently been conserved by Susan Green, a Conservation Student Placement here at RAMM.

Susan Green, Conservation Student

Susan Green, Conservation Student

The artefact isn’t part of the Leventis Project as it’s a Roman bronze jug found in Italy. But I rediscovered it in our museum stores while I was looking for objects for the project team to work on. It shows how the ripples from this project spread wide across the museum!

Roman bronze jug fragments

Roman bronze jug fragments

The jug is an example of how badly archaeological objects can deteriorate if they are not cared for correctly. It was donated to our museum in 1911, but by the 1980s it had disintegrated into many fragments as it had not been stored in suitable environmental conditions. As it is made from copper alloy it needs to be somewhere with strict regulation of temperature and humidity, but this requirement was not known about when the object was first acquired, and proved impossible in the museum stores until more recent years.

Conserved to its former glory

I feared the jug would never be anything other than a box of broken fragments, and I had no idea what it even originally looked like! But thanks to Susan’s hard work, skill and patience it is once again a recognisable (and rather beautiful) object!

Roman bronze jug after conservation treatment

Roman bronze jug after conservation treatment


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