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Corinthian helmet

The hidden stars of RAMM’s collection

There are always objects in a museum’s collection that stand out to visitors – maybe because they are especially shiny, or unusually small or big, or because they are associated with a famous place or person. One of the most popular items in RAMM’s Greek collection is this Corinthian helmet, a type of armour worn by […]

Five ceramic chickens

Repackaging small objects

Object Name: 3 ceramic pot sherds, 5 ceramic bird figurines. Date: Classical Greek Repackaging aim:  Creating new housing that provides a secure environment and is ideal for handling purposes. Method: The shape of each object was cut out of an archival foam called Plastazote® to keep the objects in place. The Plastazote® was fitted into […]

Bronze Age bird vessel in red polished/slip ware

New light on old collections

It is very good news that RAMM, with the assistance of the AG Leventis Foundation, is able to make its collections of Cypriot and Greek archaeology more accessible.  As Curator of Antiquities at RAMM, although I am not directly involved with the project, I am fascinated as new information on the collections is uncovered and objects get […]