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Kirstie Williams: Conservator

Hello from the conservation labs!

I’m Kirstie; I am a collections care conservator and have been working at RAMM for nearly four years. I was very lucky to be able to work on the stunning collections that went into the Ancient Worlds Gallery, and to be able to continue that work on the Greek and Cypriot collection with help from […]

Linda handling a stone object

The Great “Handling” Training Session

From Linda, project volunteer: At last Helena Jaeschke, Conservation Development Officer, has shown us what to do, and importantly what not to do, when handling objects. This means I shall finally (literally) be able to get to grips with the artefacts…very carefully. Helena was very methodical, explaining about written procedures and the need to be […]

Linda and Jenny with photography equipment

Exploring the Stores

As RAMM’s Collections and Audiences Assistant I am responsible for a lot of the museum’s object photography, and this has been my primary involvement in the Leventis project. The process has been very exciting so far! I feel very privileged to be able to explore RAMM’s stores and shed some light on a fascinating collection. […]

Greek red figure pottery vessel

Greek pottery and horses

An update from Linda, project volunteer: I am very much enjoying seeing the variety of beautiful artefacts in the museum’s collection. It is difficult to understand the variety of colours of the terracotta objects – they are often discoloured and degraded but remain beautiful. The decay gives a different kind of beauty to the objects, which never-the-less often […]

Bronze Age pottery tankard

Photographing pottery from Cyprus

Today we have a guest blog from Linda, one of our volunteers: I recently started helping with the Leventis Project, which involves photographing and recording RAMM’s collection of pottery from prehistoric and Roman period Cyprus. I am still very much the “learner” having never written a blog before, or used a complicated digital camera (no point […]

Pottery figure from Cyprus

Touching the past

One of the things I enjoy most about working as an Assistant Curator in a museum is the opportunity to handle ancient objects on a daily basis. It’s a privilege to be trusted to look after things that somebody used hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago – and it’s not something I take for […]

Steph cleaning a Roman glass vessel

Meet the team!

The project team say hello! A wide range of people are working on our project to make RAMM’s Cypriot and Greek archaeology collections better known. From the museum we have Jenny and Tom the Curators who look after the collection, Kirstie the Conservator who is repacking and treating objects, Helen and Rick our digital media staff who are […]

Bronze Age bird vessel in red polished/slip ware

New light on old collections

It is very good news that RAMM, with the assistance of the AG Leventis Foundation, is able to make its collections of Cypriot and Greek archaeology more accessible.  As Curator of Antiquities at RAMM, although I am not directly involved with the project, I am fascinated as new information on the collections is uncovered and objects get […]

Kirstie Conservator and Jenny Curator

Hello world!

Welcome to the Leventis Project blog! We are working on our Greek and Cypriot archaeology collections at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, known as RAMM. This project is funded by the AG Leventis Foundation. The blog will capture the project’s progress, give you an insight into museum object conservation and open a […]